Holdings of small and medium-sized operating companies in the social economy

Golden Age Operator GmbH invests in small and medium-sized operating companies. The goal of this is to improve and guarantee the quality of processes and profitability for the operator. Majority stakes may be acquired. However, complete take-over of 100 % is also an option. The locally established operator can continue to run their businesses under their own brand. This way, trust built in the past can still be used.

In this context, Golden Age Operator GmbH only takes over holding tasks as a partner would, and we do not take over operational tasks.

Local knowledge with the potential to connect interregional networks

Supply gaps exist in the market of retirement homes and care for the elderly. These supply gaps will increase constantly as a result of the demographic change that society is undergoing. Add to this the stricter legal regulations and the increasingly restrictive financing of care. These developments are putting more and more pressure on the operators in the sector of in-patient care for the elderly. Small and medium-sized operators are hit particularly hard by this. They tend to be well-established in their region, and they provide excellentsupport and care. Unfortunately, however, these same operators are facing economic problems or structural problems in their buildings. This is where GOLDEN AGE OPERATOR GmbH’s concept comes into play. Potential is analysed, and solutions are developed. For this purpose, a specialised network is used, with experience in restructuring and repositioning on both an operational and strategic level.

Combining resources and know-how

Via the Golden Age Operator holding company, high-quality services can be provided for the operating companies under its roof. Our focus is on subordinate service and consultancy service offered to operators in one place and without the operators having to build or bundle their own resources. For example, this aspect concerns purchasing groups, commercial administration, negotiation with cost units, consulting in financial matters, and facility management. The latter focuses specifically on the areas of technical facility management as well as restoration and modernisation work. Our goal is shared use of adequate service and providing an interregional platform together and of which the operators can benefit.