Golden Age Operator GmbH invests in promising small and medium-sized operating companies as well as their in their real estate. Real estate is purchased via an exclusive partner company. This focus on both the operational side of the business as well as the real-estate aspect allows for optimal use of the potential and chances for development for the operating company in the local market.

In doing so, Golden Age Operator relies on the involvement of established local suppliers of social properties who bring their local knowledge and market position into the business association. In this context, Golden Age Operator GmbH only takes over holding tasks as a partner would, and we do not take over operational tasks.

It could be small and medium-sized operating companies for which a succession plan is needed or operators who require financial resources or know-how in order to activate their potential.

Bankrupt operators or operators at risk of bankruptcy can choose a holding by Golden Age Operator with subsequent company reconstruction and restructuring in the framework of interim management.

The main idea of the holding concept is a merger of financial strength and the know-how of Golden Age Operator. We operate across Germany with the local presence and knowledge of our operating companies. These may continue to run your business under its own brand even after the holding or take-over, thereby utilising the potential that you have because of your market position and prominence locally.

When it comes to optimising or repositioning the operating company for future proof utilisation concepts, a suitable restructuring plan for the property is implemented with long-standing partner companies.

These take both the legal requirements and the needs of the market into account.

The goal of this is guaranteeing long-term asset management as well as a higher level of quality and profitability for the operator.