Golden Age Operator GmbH combines the potential or small and medium-sized operating companies, and gives them new perspectives.

What is Golden Age Operator®

  • Golden Age Operator GmbH has a holding concept developed specifically for small and medium-sized operating companies.
  • The locally established operator can continue to run their businesses under their own brand.
  • Majority stakes may be acquired. However, complete take-over of 100% is also an option.
  • Golden Age Operator GmbH only takes over holding tasks in this context, in the same way that a partner would, and we will not be involved in operational matters.

Why choose Golden Age Operator®

  • Stricter legal regulations and the increasingly restrictive financing of care are placing more and more pressure on the operators of stationary nursing homes.
  • Add to this the pressure to adapt as a result of the nursing laws of the individual federal states. The properties in which nursing homes are located tend to be older, and this makes them inadequate in terms of technology and quality. The properties no longer meet the needs of their residents and are in need of renovation.
  • Golden Age Operator GmbH invests in operating companies, and we develop comprehensive solutions for their repositioning, combined with the suitable structural reconstruction of the real estate belonging to them. Optimising existing care facilities creates new types of housing meeting the legal requirements as well as the needs of the market.
  • Thanks to existing and new networks, local knowledge is reinforced, and this helps maintain and develop small and medium-sized operating companies for the future.
  • Golden Age Operator GmbH is a company under the umbrella of SGI Health Care AG. SGI Health Care AG invests in social welfare property in Germany in order to make it future-proof, profitable and sustainable by optimising its use and restructuring.